10 October 2009

Clever Girl

Ruby is now adolescent. She has all her adult teeth, although some are not quite finished emerging. Thus armed, she has taken an interest in squirrels, which naturally leads to an interest in trees. Indeed, she has discovered that some can be climbed.

She has also discovered how to unlatch our gates. After confirming with the neighbors that she could let herself out at will, we put locks on them. This is only the beginning. She's a clever girl.


motheramelia said...

My goodness, that is clever. Great picture too. My little Izzie has never been interested in squirrels; or birds, but bunny rabbits were great fun. In Wyoming, some lived next door to us in an abandoned barn and were a source of great pleasure. Izzie loved the chase. I think maybe the ability to climb a tree like your Ruby might have made squirrels more interesting.

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