10 September 2010

Exploding Marriages

Along our short street, one marriage is ended, three are in crisis, and one house has an intact marriage because its previous owners sold it during their divorce. Statistically, that's about average for the country. Which means that a lot of drama and pain are part of life for an awful lot of people. Some psychologists think that divorce is as traumatic as a death in the family. But, in the game of life, you don't receive a "Get out of death free" card if the next roll of the dice lands you on the "divorce" square.

For those of you who might benefit from it, one neighbor recommends this site: Runaway Husbands.

There is also: Why Marriages Succeed or Fail, by John Gottman, PhD.

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motheramelia said...

My daughter pointed out at a recent family wedding that the longest married couple present had no children.