22 January 2008

God Save us from our Politics

Vance has a really great post, The last things and things before the last, in which he uses quotes from Bonhoeffer's unfinished Ethics to rescue religion from politics (and possibly vice versa).

Have a look, and also see The Antithesis of Science, which argues that the opposite of science is not religion, but politics.

I take offense at those on the right and left who, relentlessly politicize everything in their compulsive search for advantage and power. It must be another US presidential election year.


VanceH- said...

Hi Scooper, thanks for the link! One question, I don't feel like I really have a handle on Bonhoeffer's statement "..compromise hates the word." For me this reminds me of John 1, amongst other things, but I can't really get it straight in my mind. Any thoughts?
-- Vance

Scooper said...

The compromiser hates both the word and the Word.

The word, because if words have meaning independent of the compromiser's will of the moment, then the compromiser can be pinned down. Think of the famous, "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." And if important aspects of reality can be spoken of, then those aspects of reality can set constraints on the compromiser.

The Word, because the Word is absolute Truth, independent of the compromiser's will. Again, the compromiser becomes constrained - there are somethings about which there can be no equivocation.

At least, that's what I can come up with for now....

VanceH- said...

Thanks Scooper, that does help. And what a great example--from the Great Triangulator. Your comments on the Word illustrate how much clearer things become when you step away from paper and ink and focus on the Word made flesh.