17 February 2008

Sunday Blizzard

Here's an oldie for those of you in the Frozen North:

One winter Sunday there was a blizzard so intense that only one parishoner made it to the service. The pastor met the man and suggested that since it was just going to be the two of them, that they might as well just skip it.

"Well," said the parishoner," if I was goin' to feed my flock, but only one sheep came out, I'd still sure feed it."

Ashamed, the pastor did the service, played the organ parts himself, and sang the liturgy as best he could. He preached a full length sermon, followed by a proper Eucharist.

After the service the pastor thanked the parishoner for teaching him a valuable lesson, and asked what he thought of the service.

"Well, answered the parishoner, "If only one sheep came out to be fed, I'd sure feed it, but I wouldn't give it my full load."

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