29 September 2008

Nancy Pelosi Proves Herself Unfit to Lead

Get a load of this. Instead of rising to lead the US House of Representatives to a historic vote to shore up the international financial system, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi abused the occasion to do partisan grandstanding. Here is a video.

Look, Ms. Speaker. You are not just the leader of the Democratic Party in the House. You are the leader of the whole House of Representatives. Even if what you said were factually correct (which is debatable), using this moment of international crisis for partisan political grandstanding is inappropriate and inexcusable. It may have resulted in the deal not going through today. Which tables action until Thursday at the earliest, because of the Jewish Holiday of Rosh HaShanah (new year). Two more days for the worldwide financial panic to worsen. You stood up and trashed the deal you yourself negotiated. As far as I'm concerned, you personally owe all of us the fraction of our wealth that is going to disappear over the next two days. And quite frankly, for this wholly inappropriate performance, you owe us your resignation as Speaker. You have proven yourself unable to rise above partisanship in a crisis. You have proven yourself unfit to lead. And by that I mean both the House and the nation as a whole, since your position as Speaker puts you third in line for the Presidency.

If this were a parliamentary system, I would vote NO CONFIDENCE in Speaker Pelosi.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough. But Barney Frank had something interesting to say about that.

Scooper said...

Gotta love Barney Frank. He's right, and there is a lot of new pork in the revised bill to prove it. But the Democrats are the majority party in the House. They could pass the bill without any Republican votes at all. They didn't because both they and the Republicans are focussed on doing what they think will get them re-elected rather than doing what is right.