26 July 2011

Just Do It

If you are a US Senator, a member or the US House of Representatives, or the President or Vice President, I have two words for you: NO INCUMBENTS!

You clowns, and I mean all of you clowns, are creating an artificial crisis with real consequences by playing politics and blaming the other party or anyone but yourselves, instead of getting on with the business of governing. Raise the damn debt limit, because you have to let the Treasury pay out the money you've already spent. Then get on with tax reform, entitlement reform, and government reform as a separate issue.

And cut the crap with your damned stupid "big" ideas. You always enact them in some great thoughtless, sudden spasm, after a prolonged struggle, instead of sober and thoughtful consideration. You never try a series of small things with opportunities for course corrections if they don't seem to be working as you intended. Fix what needs to be fixed with incremental changes. Broaden and flatten the tax base, little by little. Set up a sliding scale for Medicare co-payments. Do the little things that have big leverage as to their effects.

And get over yourselves. I hold each and everyone of you responsible for the failure of all. If you fail to pass a bill to raise the debt limit, and if the President fails to sign it by August 2, I will work to unseat as many of you as possible regardless of party affiliation.

At this point, you're all more concerned with fighting each other to get yourselves re-elected than you are with the common good. I don't care whether you're a Democrat or a Republican.


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CreepingSocialist said...

With all due respect, this kind of knee jerk, illogical position will solve nothing. Why would you want to take the risk of replacing those members of Congress who agree with you with even more Tea Party zealots. Our system of "checks and balances" can produce at times a crippling inability to govern, and the corrupting role of big money increases its stranglehold. Replacing the bums with new bums won't change anything.