15 July 2011

Love and Death

At wedding receptions, children play, while teens and young adults dance 'till dawn. The parents lay down at last the burden of child-raising, and contemplate playing with their grandchildren to be. The grandparents sit quietly, enjoying the joy of others, marking those who are missing.

Dance like there's no tomorrow, young ones. For while you dance, your elders grieve, and your tomorrows will take them from you and put you in their places.


motheramelia said...

Dancing is so wonderful, even if it's by yourself to some lovely music and your dog looks at you as if you are some strange creature.

Scooper said...

Indeed, and since quantum zero-point oscillations are universal, everything in the universe dances all the time.

Sorry to hear about Dave Gregg. As I remember him, he lit up the world wherever he went.

motheramelia said...

I will really miss him. We talked on the phone nearly every day. I continue to come to terms with his dropping dead in front of me.