06 November 1986

Benediction for Middle Managers

Before Annual Performance Appraisals

Let us gather together
and declare it meet and fitting that We, the Chosen,
should judge the Unchosen,
and from among them choose
those whom we find worthy.
We affirm that we are the Chosen,
and we agree to speak in coded words,
that our deliberations may appear just.
Let us reward and punish deeds according to their
perceived cash value,
and persons according to our overall impression,
in complete accord with the opinions,
expressed or hidden, of Those Whom We Serve.
We shall by these proceedings
bestow rewards to show our generosity,
make human sacrifices to show our toughness,
and prepare to confront our Unchosen with unanimity,
that our objectivity may go unquestioned.
Let us have fellowship with one another,
exhibiting our rivalries in prescribed ways,
for, according to our participation in this meeting,
and in myriad unspoken ways
altogether different from the ways in which we judge,
we, too, shall be judged,
and, if found worthy, Chosen Yet Again.
For the continued perception of the value of ourselves
and of our Work (for without Work, there is no Life)
we pray to the Rulers of this Enterprise.
May we escape Their informed scrutiny until
we become even as They,
or until we retire with Honor and Annuities.