13 June 2007

Useful Deaths

On the radio I heard Harry Reid (Democrat from Nevada and currently the US Senate Majority Leader) asking for a moment of silence to mark the 3500th US soldier to die in Iraq. The implication is that 3500 is too many, and that we should pull our troops out of Iraq now.

I'm not buying it. In the 4 years it took for those 3500 troops to be killed, 170,000 children, women and men were killed in traffic accidents on US roadways. Senator Reid did not call for a moment of silence for them, because he can't make some political use of their deaths.

Harry Reid is implying that 3500 deaths fighting against Islamofacists are bad, while 170,000 deaths in pursuit of bourgeois mobility are acceptable. And he is counting on you not to see it that way.

The conflict in Iraq is not a war in itself - it is a battle in the larger war against Islamofacism. True, it was not a battleground in that war until the US made it one (and that appears to have been a mistake), but Harry Reid wants the US to lose that battle as quickly as possible, so he can win his larger war against the Republican Party.

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VanceH- said...

Hi Scooper, Thanks for your post. I agree that these sorts of statements are very annoying. I have long been mystified why most people ignore common modes of death like car accidents, lung cancer due to smoking while ascribing incredible tragedy to those that die in more unusual ways (e.g. Iraq, plane crashes).
-- Vance

Scooper said...

Thanks for your encouragement. By the way, there are people who have an even more extreme take on this than I do. Click here.