16 September 2008

RIck Ratowsky

I remember to you my friend and colleague, Rick Ratowsky, who died of cancer this weekend. I remember him as a talented and thorough physicist, insightful and inspired, and a gentle soul. The world is the poorer for his having passed from it so young.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Oren Ratowsky said...

I'm Oren, Rick's son, came across the post googling his name. thank you for the kind and poetic words.

Scooper said...

Thanks for leaving your comment. I looked at your Flikr page. Yes, indeed, you are a photographer. You have your own photographer's "way of seeing," of which I look forward to seeing more.

Regards to your mother. I think I only met her once, twenty years ago, when she and your dad were vacationing at a B&B in Pacific Grove.