16 March 2011

Why American politics is such a Battle

It's simple. Politicians, more than the rest of us, use conflict-producing constructions in their speech. For details see The Grammar of Peace.

I would like to all political office holders, candidates, commentators, and journalists learn to use Green Language to express themselves.

Green Language consists of observations, thoughts, feelings, and specific-action wants. It is a way of starting from and sticking to the facts. It is also a way to be here now, instead of living in the "Victim-Persecutor-Rescuer" mode of viewing reality that is the stock-in-trade of politics.

Take a look at these sites. If you can speak more precisely, you can think more precisely, which can help you get to the truth.

Then we can talk more constructively about what to do regarding Libya, Japan, the economy, the budget, etc.

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