07 November 2016

Some of Our Favorite Comments

Here are some of our favorites among the comments we have received over the years:

Your site was mentioned on a cartoonist's online bulletin board (by a minister cartoonist), and I'd like to applaud the spirit, humor, and intellect behind your words. As an atheist who often shrinks in the company of stern righteousness (secular and otherwise), I felt a positive glow after reading some of your essays... Your words struck with the smack of a punchline, with a residual, thoughtful sting. Great work.

I haven't laughed this hard in weeks! Keep it up; Christ is shining through you in spite of yourself.

I will pray for ALL of you...Im sorry to hear that you are all so lost!!

Bravo, bravo, bravo! I so thoroughly enjoyed everything I read on your website. ...I am a practicing Sufi initiate and a minister in both the Unitarian Universalist and Sufi traditions.
When I think of what it took to create this website, I am awed and appreciative. What a work of love!

Non-judgemental, but firm in your beliefs...a rare combination. Everything about this "church" is praiseworthy, especially ye olde Pooper Scooper admitting his own fallibility.


Hooray [for your abortion plank]! I regret that your web site is the only place that I have ever seen this uncomfortable subject treated in a reasonable, intelligent manner. Now, how about a marijuana plank?

How could you be so confused and mixed up. St. Augustine did not "dream up" the idea of the devil. The Bible teaches this! Better stop smokin' that funny stuff.

Thank you for the challenge you offer the Church. Evangelism is not changing opnion but introducing that which changes lives. The "Church" needs a swift kick in the ass when it forgets the great commission to love God and people, is an inclusive proposal.

You need to get a grip. Take some time, STUDY GOD HOLY SOVERIGN WORD!!!! I pray That HE will give you insight to your misconceptions.

... this is exactly what I liked so much about the site: that it is theologically absolutely clean and well done besides the humour. (And I think one wouldn't catch the humour if one wouldn't take the stuff underneath seriously!) Within theological circles your opinions are mainstream (even though usually expressed wthout any humour) and I often wondered how come that the gap between theological academics and Christian people can be so wide ...

Do you have anything to do with dragging Jack van Impe's name through the mud? If you do you are wrong! You guys need mental help!

This is the most refreshing site I have ever seen. Much to sooth the weary soul. (From a clergy person.)

Very intriguing, and it's the best presence of Christianity on the Web that I have ever seen (and believe me, that is quite a compliment to come from me). Based on what I've seen so far, I can appreciate the rather enlightened and healthy attitude you have taken with regard to Christianity, even though I'm not a Christian, myself (I was at one time, and you might be amused to learn that I studied Greek, Hebrew, and archaeological/Biblical history throughout college).

I find the fact that you desecrate the holy Church in such a manor quite and outrage. Chihuahuas have no place in religion

This is a rich, amusing, yet thought-provoking site... As a gay man who used to be a fundamentalist (before I accepted I was gay), I'm heartened to learn that at least some people don't need to equate spiritual purity with hatred of those with different lifestyles. I think it's beautiful. And, I emitted many guffaws while reading your texts. Wonderful!

You have created a brief page on Islam with tons of errors...Either you will accept the truth, or you will dismiss everything but your own opinion as bias... The Jews and Christians of today know about Muhammad, and are required to accept him... By Allah all the blasphemy you people speak is dropping you years into the Hellfire. So fear God and repent... I know because I USED TO BE A CHRISTIAN.

[I went through] your site with fine comb and the more I read it the more I liked it - it is the first time in my experience that such accurate information about Islam was available from a Christian site and your depth of knowledge about Islam also amazed me.

Well done! You put rational thoughts for a caring society; a society with tolerance; and a society that should listen instead of simply screaming the blind platitudes of the leader of the pack...

You are the stupidest peaple I ever heard!

One can see a lot more if one admits he is blind and one can fit a lot better in the Universe if one admits he is small. Because if we all fail in admitting this, none of us will ever see and none of us will ever feel comfortable living even in the vastness of the spiritual and physical cosmos.Thus what better symbolism for such declaration of understanding than a "Blind Chihuahua" in the vastness of the world wide web.

I fear that you are somewhat mislead about Christianity and homosexuality. From what I have read in various translations and transliteration, the teachings are quite clear. Homosexuality is incompatible with the Christian faith. Yes, love the sinner, but it is still clear that homosexuality is sin. Please do not consider this as flaming, rather, I am merely operating on several platforms at once, ranging from political party leader to ordained minister. I ask that you do not reply to this as I am really not interested in a response. I am already repulsed.

Every time I visit VCBC, I wonder why it seems so hard to get our brothers and sisters on the far right to listen. There seems to be a hardening of positions on both the left (what's left of it) and the right to the point that it very likely will come to blows. I see this happening not only in the U.S. but also around to world. Reading your essays and some of the comments brings a little sanity back into my corner of the Universe.

I'm an atheist, and I think that most organized religions are some of the most evil things mankind has managed to produce. Your website, on the other hand, is wonderful. Well, the site's not so hot, but the message is great ;-) I generally dislike/hate/make fun of anyone who believes (or, more often, has been taught that they believe) in God, but you sir, are a gem and should keep on truckin'.

You are a terrific pastoral theologian. That's a biblical theologian's way of saying that you seem to have a great heart for the Gospel in the context of interpersonal relationships, i.e., you know when the Right Answer isn't as good as simply being a servant.

Just had to tell you that I was amazed by the beautiful pictures you have taken!! Your site came up on a search I did for cherry blossoms and your pictures took my breath away.

Thank you for providing a life-giving "virtual" oasis for these less than encouraging times in which we live! Finding VCBC was like getting a suprise gift!

I just returned to the VCBC after many years of being away. The refreshing air and spirit is doing wonders for me. I was rummaging through my computer room and found a dogchurch printout from 1998 and came home. Anyway, when I took physics in college I had a revelation. Consider light. [Maybe God is like] light that acts as both a particle and a wave. The particle is when God aims at and hits, me, one on one, while as a wave He sweeps over everything, very inclusive. Thank you for your web page and Blessings on you.

This is the most idiotic website ive ever seen! You must be a moron to even think of makeing a website this stupid. Im not a person to swear but this website is bloody shit!

Actually fronts for a sophisticated Christian site. Charming nevertheless. - Gene Thursby

Here's a guy who has baptized libertinism and skepticism, and wants to call it faith. No Thanks. - Phil Johnson

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