07 November 2016

VCBC's Aphorisms

A Wedding is a date with tragedy, because all marriages end in divorce or death. Enjoy and celebrate something about each day you have together.

Divorce is a marriage which both partners have survived.

Your life can be spent, wasted or given, but not saved. Do something worthwhile with it before it goes away.

Time is infinitely valuable, because no amount of money can buy it back. Working only for the money is selling short the best hours of your days during the best years of your life. Find work that you enjoy. If you can, pay others gladly to do the work you don't enjoy.

Risk is relative. The biggest risk you can ever take was imposed on you without your knowledge or consent: once you were conceived, the whole world began to happen to you until you die.

Make peace by enfranchising the disenfranchised, empowering the powerless, and deterring the willfully destructive. Doing less than all three just makes more war.

Swick's Law: Trust computer equipment as far as you can throw it.

Swick's Prophecy: Your future is cast in quicksand.

The Secret of Life is to keep your mind full, and your bowels empty. A lot of folk seem to have got this the other way round. — Leo Buscaglia

Politicians, like diapers, should be changed regularly, and for the same reasons. — Anonymous

Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book. — Ronald Reagan

Doctrine is Man trying to make God behave himself. Dogma is Man trying to make Man behave himself. — Richard Gay.

Posessions are those of your things you can morally, mentally, and emotionally give up. The rest of your things posess you. — Richard Gay.

Sex is strange. The proof is that whatever you're doing now would have seemed really wierd to you if you had heard about it when you were ten years old.

On sex in the workplace: If you put your meat where you get your bread, you may become a sandwich that someone else will eat for lunch.

If you meet your ideal man/woman: Run the other way, before you wound yourself and him/her by colliding with your fantasies. Go find a real one.

In Theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is. — Anonymous

We have to believe in Free Will. We have no choice. — Isaac Bachevis Singer

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