10 November 2016

VCBC's Museum

As the Web evolves, typography, graphic design, and navigation schemes quickly become dated. Here is a nostalgic look back for the curious, and for those who remember us from years ago.

Ascent of CSS Layout (2007-2016)

Attack of the Graphic Designers (2004—2007)

 The Web Expands (1997—2004)

 Foundation (4 July 1996)

Our mascot is Photoshopped from Tito, in the CHIHUA-L Photo Gallery, by kind permission of Sara Dillon and Dan Levine.

 We used this image at page footers to make wry self-deprecating comments about our writings. Originally he looked like the image at right.

For why we chose a Chihuahua in the first place, see our FAQ.

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